A Durban woman got the shock of her life when she discovered a small p_enis inside a fish she had bought at the local fish market.

Mrs Govender of Phoenix said she bought the Southern Pompano fish on Monday morning in anticipation to make her husband’s favorite breyani goulash, fish breyani. Mrs Govender claims she left the fish and went about her daily chores. Later in the afternoon when she was getting ready to make supper, she cut up the fishes belly to clean it up and was shocked to find a man’s p_enis inside the fish.

‘I could not believe my eyes. I was preparing chow for my husband when this circumcised black c_ock appeared from the fish. I do not know how it swallowed it but I can tell you that a got a huge fright.’ Mrs Naidoo reported. She also stated that she could not finish making her meal and immediately called her son, Fazil  who is a medical student at nelson Mandela Medical School, to come and confirm that this indeed was a man’s ding dong. Fazil positively confirmed.

Mrs Govender could not continue with her dinner preparations as she had been ‘grossed out’. She ordered some take away pizza instead.

One fish expert, Zama Ntuli, said this was the first such incident in her career. ” I have never seen anything like this before. We have sent the flesh to the laboratory for tests to see if we can come up with. After that  I will then be able to come up with a proper explanation. Right now it’s all speculation. We have also seized all the Southern Pompano’s at the market.

Mrs Govender however saw the humorous side of things when she cheekily said ‘I wish Raj was like that’. Raj is her husband.

Source : iMzansi Satire


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