ALL the years that Rose Sabeka (54) had been selling pumpkins, her husband told her to stop.

She ignored his words until the day he died in 2002. But now she believes he has cursed her from beyond the grave, as pumpkin seeds have invaded her stomach! It started with dreams of her dead husband fighting from the grave. Then she says he overturned the pumpkins at her stall with a strong wind. When she still would not stop, she started vomiting pumpkin seeds.

And now, to her horror, it appears as if the seeds have invaded her stomach, marking her skin with their impressions. Rose, from Tembisa, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun this was happening because she had disrespected her husband while he was alive.

“He always fought with me, telling me to stop selling vegetables, especially pumpkins, but I had no other means of earning money and I continued.” She said when he died in 2002 she started having dreams of him still fighting her from the grave, or sometimes standing quietly next to her bed.

“The next morning when I’d go to my vegetable stand he would come and throw down the pumpkins with a strong wind,” she said. Still Rose would not quit. “I kept on selling vegetables until I woke up one day with a terribly painful stomach. I thought it was a one-day thing, but my tummy kept growing.”

Then, to her horror, she started vomiting pumpkin seeds.

“That same night my husband came to my dreams and told me that if I didn’t listen I would pay a heavy price for disrespecting him. And that is when the pumpkin seeds invaded her stomach, leaving her skin with the impressions, she claimed.

“I can’t sleep. It’s very painful. I need help,” she cried.

Sangoma Elsie Dube said Rose might be cursed and she needed muthi from a sangoma to wash herself with.

Dr Ezekiel Dube advised Rose to consult specialist doctors so that tests could determine what the problem was.

Source : DailySun


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