Unreal scenes unraveled in KwaMashu township in KZN when a hyena broke into a woman’s house and attacked her viciously.

Hyena’s are animals associated with sorcery and witchcraft such that there was no doubt when the animal was sighted.

According to neighbors Siyamthanda Dhlomo’s (the victim) son is said to be the root cause of the bad fate which befell his mother.

The son, Lindani was said to be involved in an extra-marital affair with another man’s wife shortly before the man died.

“The relatives of the deceased did this as a form of revenge, they blame Siya’s son for their son’s death” a close friend of the Dhlomo told the press.

Hyena’s, creatures mostly known for their cowardice rarely attack their prey directly especially if the prey is bigger than them. In this particular incident the hyena went straight for Siya and mauled her until brave relatives had to pull it off by violent means.

“This is a strange happening and we will obviously go to see a Sangoma. The police or the wildlife officials can not give us full answers” Siya’s brother couldn’t hold back his words as he was deeply upset over his sister’s injury.

The public may or may not be informed about the findings of this mysterious case.

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