It seems like Cassper Nyovest may just be too big for the South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

This after the rapper‚ who lit up the show at last year’s ceremony‚ revealed that he doesn’t want to win anymore SAMAs.

In a recent Facebook post Cassper has shed more light about his gripe with the awards‚ saying that he does not rate the SAMAs and does not care to win one.

“Why do you guys keep lying to yourselves? There is no award ceremony that I attend and I do not win!!! I didn’t submit because I don’t rate the SAMAs. I don’t want to win a SAMA anymore. I’m good without them‚” he said in the post.

This comes after Cassper’s fans have been inundating social media with questions about his perceived SAMAs snub last week took to social media‚ where he received only one nomination‚ as part of a collaboration he did with Major League DJz on their hit Slyza Tsotsi.

Shortly after news of the ‘snub’ hit social media Cassper responded by saying that he had purposely not submitted his work for consideration and promised to address his issues with the awards in his music.

The rapper’s gripe with the awards ceremony is long-standing. Last year the rapper accused the awards organisers of “robbing him” of an opportunity to win the Record of the Year Award.

“Not being nominated for song of the year and not being given a chance for the people to vote‚ for them changing the rules. But it’s something that has happened to a lot of people‚” Cassper told Sowetan after last year’s ceremony.

Source : Sowetan


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