‘I dealt with it a month ago’- Lady Du doesn’t want to be dragged into what really caused her split from Andile

Lady Du

Break-ups can be quite messy and emotionally draining, and that is what Amapiano songstress Lady Du hopes to avoid.

She wanted a peaceful break-up when she split from her fiancé actor Andile Mxakaza a month ago.

She confirmed the split on Instagram over the weekend, saying they were “following their hearts by separating before things went south”.

In another post, she revealed she is not interested in “clearing things up” for anyone and announced it to bring her fans up to speed.

“I need time to deal with things the best way I know how. Painting a man to be the bad guy has never been my thing and it won’t start today. I don’t want to answer questions or even be asked what happened.

“I’m good, I dealt with my break up a month ago. The announcement was so you guys hear it from me. The rest I don’t want to partake in. I love peace, please don’t take away from me.”

She added she had been attacked by strangers during the relationship and decided to leave for her own peace of mind.

“I’ve had numerous attacks from people I didn’t even know, people making me uncomfortable because of culture, people attacking my character, scratching my cars. So I decided it’s best I follow my heart and leave my relationship.”

Andile said people had allegedly bewitched Lady Du because she was in a relationship with him.

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