A year ago actress Sophie Ndaba was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. While her health forced her to change her lifestyle‚ cutting out sugar and changing her diet completely‚ it was one night in front of a mirror that she knew she had to change.

“I went in front of the mirror naked and I looked at myself and said “This is how I look and I can’t”. Above anything else‚ that’s what forced me to change my mind. And now I define how I want to look in my underwear”.

Talking to TMG Entertainment at the Gert-Johan Coetzee Spring Summer 2016 presented by Visa‚ Sophie was almost unrecognizable in tight fitting black pants with a figure hugging black top.

She confidently posed for the cameras‚ saying that she feels like a new person. “It’s a new me. Every woman wants to feel comfortable with herself before everybody else can feel comfortable with her. It’s about me right now. I’m happy. Everybody else should be happy too”.

And has her new man had anything to do with her increased confidence? A little bit she admits‚ but for the most part this is her journey and hers alone. “It’s a bit of both. I realized that I wasn’t paying attention. I got comfortable and I think a lot of us get comfortable. A comfort zone is not healthy”.

Shy to speak about her romance‚ Sophie described her relationship as “boring‚ simple but fabulous.” “As people‚ we tend to get excited about relationships. As a wedding planner‚ I tell people that the marriage starts after the wedding. It’s about reality‚ not showing off and telling the whole world”.

So‚ are there wedding bells on the horizon? Sophie giggles and sips on her champagne. “That’s for me to know. I am really happy though”.

Source : Time


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