J Molley Responds to Accusations of Clout-Chasing Following Suicide Attempt 

Reality TV star and rapper J Molley has vehemently refuted allegations suggesting he attempted suicide as a publicity stunt.

The Love & Hip Hop SA cast member recently addressed the accusations, asserting that his struggles with mental health are genuine and deeply personal.

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Love & Hip Hop SA Star Suicide Attempt

Last week, J Molley, born Jesse Mollett, released a statement detailing his decision to embark on a spiritual journey after a recent suicide attempt.

The incident unfolded Jolley took to his social media platform, X account, to share distressing posts about his mental state. He revealed that he was taking his own life. In a subsequent Instagram live session, he displayed various items, including medications, a knife, and alcohol.

However, criticism arose when DJ and podcaster MacG questioned J Molley’s actions during an episode of Podcast and Chill, suggesting that the rapper’s behavior was for attention-seeking purposes.

J Molley Hits Back at Critics Questioning Authenticity of Suicide Attempt

In response to the backlash, J Molley vehemently denied the claims, denouncing them as “vile and ignorant.”

He emphasized the severity of his struggles, revealing that he had attempted suicide numerous times in the past without publicizing it.

“It’s utterly vile and ignorant to accuse me of doing such a thing like that for a PR stunt, to get more likes. I have attempted suicide 200 times. I have been on the brink and I have been [nearly successful] about 14 times. Did I publicise that? No. This is the first incident where I publicised it,” J Molley said

The hip-hop artist clarified that his decision to share his recent experience was a personal choice, not a ploy for attention.

I don’t [attempt to] kill myself for attention. I have never written a suicide letter in my life. When I [attempt to] commit suicide, I do it because I want to die, so please stop with the false allegations.”

J Molley Opens Up About Mental Health Challenges

Addressing his battle with mental health, J Molley shed light on his struggles with depression and borderline personality disorder.

I’m a strong person, I get up, and I strive for greatness again. I have borderline personality disorder. We go from being extremely depressed to being extremely happy within minutes, hours.

“Do not mock a pain you haven’t endured.

Despite facing immense challenges, he expressed gratitude for still being alive and underscored his commitment to a new spiritual journey


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