Twenty four hours are up and YouTuber Botse Mabotja has not deleted her Instagram video as instructed by Bobby Blanco’s legal team.

Social media influencer and creative director Bobby Blanco lawyered up to try to keep his name out of the YouTuber’s mouth after she shared a video spilling the beans on why he was allegedly spotted out and about while he had said he was taking a break after a car crash.

He served the YouTuber with legal documents, demanding she delete the video and cease and desist from making “unfavourable remarks” against him.

“We further demand that you remedy the aforementioned prejudice by issuing an apology directed to our client on your Instagram account within 24 hours upon receipt of the letter, failing which legal action shall be initiated against you without further notice to you, costs of which shall be for your own account.”

Botse is not budging and says she has consulted her legal team to respond to Bobby Blanco.

“My programme is not a hate programme, nor does it stand to bully anyone. Everything that I speak about was publicly written/spoke about by the individual on their social media platforms. I don’t fabricate anything, I simply express my views on their posts.

“I do mention in my captions that I stand to be corrected if I am wrong, and I don’t go around looking for private matters to speak about. That is not the style of my show.”

Bobby Blanco has since deleted the Instagram post where he shared the legal documents.

By Daniel

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