A woman who boldly confessed she gulps her boyfriend’s liquid excretions has found herself at the merciless end of a social media backlash.

According her profile, the lady in from NewCastle and she thought she was writing a harmless update when she said : ‘I love bae, when I am thirsty I drink his urine. It is fulfilling and healthy #UrineThings #BaeAnaconda #HealthyVibe”. Not long after the post, it went viral and amassed over 300 shares with most people turning doctor on her and schooling her on the dangers of during urine. Worse if the urine is not yours.

The woman was however adamant and insisted there was nothing anyone would say to stop her from quenching her thirst by drinking ‘bae’s anaconda juice’ as she aptly put it.

When iMzansi tracked down the woman, Janet,  she was more than happy to show us around her upmarket flat and in the bathroom rested and 5 litres container with urine inside it. “He urinates in there for me to drink,” she pointed out. “I do not remember the last time I drank water. Urine is better than water and wine”.

Urine therapy has gained a sizable following thanks to ringing endorsements from celebrated health experts and medical professionals like Madonna, who reportedly pees on her own feet to cure athlete’s foot, as well as boxer Juan Manuel Márquez and MMA stars Lyoto Machida and Luke Cummo, who supposedly drink their own urine. 

However, this has been the first reported incident of someone completely replacing all liquid intakes with urine. The boyfriend was not available to comment.

Source : iMzansi


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