A Snake was caught on camera coming out directly from a sick woman’s punani.

This incident has caused waves because of the diabolical nature of the whole thing.

Close sources reveal the woman (name protected for legal reasons) had spent the larger part of the year suffering from severe abdominal cramps. So severe was this pain that it incapacitated her. She had tried all sorts of medications,gone for various tests and the doctors could not see anything wrong with her.

It was after the specialist doctor requested to do a pap smear to look for any signs of uterine or ovarian cancer when this bizarre incident occurred. The reptile slithered out as if it was coming out its usual habitat.

There was chaos and commotion as both doctor and patient ran for their lives after the incident. The reptile slithered into oblivion.

Perhaps what’s more confusing is the fact that no there in NO explanation whatsoever concerning this incident. Dr Mliswa, the practitioner who treated the patient says it is medically and biologically impossible for a snake to reside inside a human. The patient herself could not fathom an explanation but she says the pain is miraculously gone.

Could another force have been at work?

This goes a long way to affirm the veracity of the existence of the dark forces suspected to have afflicted the woman with the rare predicament regarded as a spell.

Source: imzansi



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