Cape Town student invents new Org_asm technique

A brilliant south African medical has done what most men fail to give to their women – give them org_asms!

Tumelo Radebe** who is a medical student at Cape Town University came up with org_asm injection after her bae continuously disappointed her by not giving her the big 0. The frustration led to the genius devising a plan to help save her relationship and potentially thousand of other relationships from collapsing due to non-performance in bed.

We spoke to Thumelo** who happens to be very camera shy and she said , ‘It was by accident really. My main aim was to just find ways of making sure one reaches an 0rgasm every time the indulged.  It is no secret that s_exual frustration is one of the main reasons why people cheat. So I asked my professor to be allowed to experiment in the lab and use University Resources. After looking at the human anatomy, I discovered that when one is s_exually aroused, the hormones that gets released are the ones as when one is mildly startled.

Thumelo’s org_asm method is pretty simple, she said, ‘What you need to do is during foreplay, you need to stop for a second, blow up a balloon and pop it near your private part. The sound of a popping balloon will release those org_asm hormones, your man can then do the rest. Also you need to make sure you pop the balloon as he is about to enter you’ Tumelo** said.

‘It is organic and does not involve any chemicals. You can prepare your balloon before hand so as not to make it awkward when you have to blow it up and pop it’. The new development will surely be welcomed by balloon manufacturers across South Africa and the world.

Tumelo** advised that it is very important that you get the balloon as close to your private part as possible before popping it adding that her boyfriend at first refused to try it out but once he agreed, he was impressed and now always carries a balloon and condom with him.

The University refused to comment.

** Tumelo refused for us to publish her real name

Source : iMzansi


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