Isencane Lengane marriage ‘crumbling’

And things are reportedly so bad that Thando (17) is ready to pack her bags and leave her husband, Siyacela Dlamuka (18).


The couple got married in 2019, aged 15 and 16 respectively, and Thando is three months pregnant.

But sources said Thando has been threatening to leave Siyacela for good after he told her he wanted to take a second wife.

“Siyacela doesn’t respect Thando. I think the mistake they did was to get married at a young age. They didn’t get a chance to experience or enjoy their teenage stage. Siyacela was still at school, trapped in the rural area of Ulundi. After quitting school, he got a chance to travel and meet new people, which tempted him,” said the source.

Another source said Siyacela sometimes goes to Durban for months and cuts contact with his wife.

“Thando has been patient with Siyacela. She feels it’s enough now. Siyacela doesn’t give her time. He’s always away and that hurts Thando,” said the source.

In one of the episodes, Thando appears to be saying she regrets getting married at a young age.

In another episode, Siyacela introduces his new girlfriend.

Thando confirmed she’s not happy in her marriage.

“I think I must go back home because it’s clear that Siyacela doesn’t want me anymore. Much as I’m pregnant and Siyacela is excited, he doesn’t treat me the way a husband should treat his wife. I’m out if he continues to take a second wife,” said Thando.

She said she believes she’ll pass grade 12 and further her studies.

She said she’ll leave her baby with her mum while she tries to better her life. Siyacela said he wasn’t aware that his wife was not happy, and that their marriage was in trouble.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I’ll speak to my wife,” said Siyacela.

Cultural expert Professor Jabulani Maphalala said love was deeper than what most people think. He said the couple committed themselves to each other through marriage while they were very young.

“That was not totally bad because in the old times, women got married at a very young age and they survived it.

“In this case, it looks like there’s lack of maturity and desire for exploration of fun, which did not happen before marriage. If the marriage ends, it could anger the ancestors as the couple did the traditional wedding. I’m sure Thando was sprinkled with inyongo, which introduced her to the ancestors,” said Maphalala.


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