Isibaya: Evil Sangoma Nkabinde Set To Revive Mgijimi

Nkabinde Set To Revive Mgijimi: Isibaya

Evil Sangoma Nkabinde Set To Revive Mgijimi: Isibaya

Zakhele Msibi who portrays the notorious character of an evil sangoma, Sunday Nkabinde, is bouncing back to the Mzansi Magic’s hit novella; Isibaya to revive Mgijimi. Mgijimi is a zombie that was created by Nkabinde years ago and he is the only one who can fully awaken Mgijimi since he is the one who created him.

Mgijimi was disabled but Mpiyakhe always felt Mgijimi inside him, especially since Thandeka’s death. That’s why he didn’t attend her funeral.

Isibaya Nkabinde Bounces Back

Zakhele Msibi announced that he is back on the set of Isibaya and has already begun filming. He shared a picture on his Instagram while he was on set, posing with the show’s cameraman which he captioned.

Bra Nkebs no novaravara on set

Msibi on Isibaya disappeared from the show as his character was apparently killed off. His fans were so excited about his Instagram post and flooded his post in the comments section.

It is reported that Bomb Productions is pulling out all the stops to keep Isibaya on Mzansi Magic as it’s being canceled due to its poor viewership ratings.

Earlier this year the actor woke up to the news that he had died. The news of Zakhele Msibi’s death spread like wildfire after a screenshot from a Facebook group circulated with the caption “RIP Nkabinde”.

Zakhele was upset about the news of his death

My brother sent me a screenshot of a Facebook post that I am dead. Someone posted this on the Ladies House Facebook Page,I need to get to the bottom of this. People cannot be spreading lies like this and get away with it”.

Zakhele Msibi however hinted that he would be coming back on the show

 I’m assuming people want me back on TV. I am working behind the scenes, directing three short films and I’ll be dropping new music. So if they miss me, they’ll see me soon,

And now the resident sangoma Nkabinde is back.

Although Zakhele plays an evil witch doctor on the show, he is a good person in real life and a family man.

Because of his great acting range, you would think he’s not a nice person but the actor is all heart and soul.

He’s always posting pictures with his wife and giving her plenty of appreciation on social media.

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