Isibaya: Is Melusi Troublesome Just Like Jabu?

Isibaya: Is Melusi Just Another Jabu?

Isibaya: Is Melusi Just Another Jabu?

The boy children in the Zungu household are some of the most problematic people in the valley of Isibaya.

Not one of them seems to ever get it right the first time at being a responsible for themselves young adult. Young Jabu was really like the famous South African player, “ngwana oa tshwenya” Jabu Pule. The phrase simply means “the child is troublesome”.

Melusi seems to have gotten whatever his brother was on, when he was young because he has been unstoppable in terms of bringing trouble to his father’s homestead. It is that he sees himself as invincible and somehow believes that his trickeries will always pull through for him.

It is rather unfortunate how in one of the most patriarchal cultures and families, where it is considred important for the son to take over their father’s legacy and propel it forward, that the Zungu family finds itself confronted with boy children who refuse to listen to any form of authority.

Melusi has taken it upon himself to be a man, without any guidance from the men in his family and he is busy zig zagging his way around what he deems to be manhood in the most heart-breaking and destructive manner.

His actions much like his brother’s will surely cost him the family name and legacy and whatever fortune his father had set out for him.

We all remember the time when Jabu disappointed his father so much that he denounced him of his name and called him fatherless? Well, Mancwane who is the family matriarch seems to have very little to no hope for Melusi either he was called useless by his aunt, basically rendering him unvaluable against the family name.

Melusi continues with his shenanigans, quite eagerly inviting trouble and seeking it wherever it might hide. Is there hope for the boy? One hopes so, because people grow and see life differently but man oh man, it might take a while for this Zungu son to get the grasp of responsible manhood.

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