Isono: Mary Beast’s Out the Heist

Isono: Mary Beast’s Out the Heist

Isono: Mary Beast’s Out the Heist

Cannot believe that no one at Clive Morris Productions thought to play the money heist song in last night’s episode of Isono. Bella ciao would have been a wonderful accompaniment to the thrill that was those few minutes when the enemy was thoroughly confused as to what is happening. 

Mary is a beast in the conniving game. She is a master in manipulation, she is one of the best thieves we have currently on screen, and man, what a delight to watch Nthati play cutthroat so well that you just love to hate her and all her shenanigans. 

The trusted always fail at the real test, don’t they? That driver who had Aloysias’s life in his hands failed immeasurably in the mission to get the money safely to its rightful owners but to also protect his colleagues. What kind of experience does he have really? And what is the initiative that was being spoken about? What an annoyance, gosh! Poor Aloysias might b breathing to death as we speak because of that high-level incompetence that was experienced and was supposedly the best they have in the game. It’s maddening okay? Do not get people killed, please. Jus to the job!

Mama Mary is so dexterous in her dealings, from doting but a busy mother to high time criminal, to a woman who just wants to know how you like it and she gives it to you. 

One thing to take away though and this is for Jackie Phamotse and all the snake narratives we have been made to carry and indulge. Gosh! You also need gusto and a woman like Mary to pull off having real money. Mary’s snake in this instance is a whole lot more than the invisible one she keeps in her house, but man, one needs smarts and a whole lot of bravery!


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