Joburg man hijacked en route to a family wedding

A man, who requested to remain anonymous, was hijacked in Lenasia, Johannesburg, on Saturday evening.

His wife was getting her hair and make-up done at a friend’s house before the couple was to attend a family member’s wedding.

While waiting outside the house with his hazard lights on, a vehicle “appeared out of nowhere”.

“I was watching the time because it was getting close to my prayer time. I was about to call my wife to tell her that I was going to go to the mosque across the road to pray when the car appeared out of nowhere,” he told News24.

According to the victim, there were four men – two were armed.

“A guy had a gun to my head the whole time, and he told me to get out. Next thing, the guy sitting in the back of the other vehicle jumped out and pulled me from the car,” he said.

The car, a white 2020 VW polo, was pretty new.

“Everything happened so quickly. There’s nothing you can do when there is a firearm pointing in your face.”

He said he stood in shock and watched as the men made their getaway.

The couple called the police immediately and went to the police station to open a case.

“Police can confirm that a case of hijacking was opened at Lenasia police station. Police are still searching for the car and the suspects,” said police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo.

One of the suspects in the other vehicle fired a warning shot in the ground as they fled.

News 24



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