The union between Khaya Mthethwa and Jessica Nkosi is allegedly over!

Sources claimed the two have gone their separate ways. According to the source, the couple has called it quits. This after more than two years together. “There’s too much pressure for them to be together,”said the source. But another source claimed they split briefly only because of their busy schedules. “These two love each other. They’ll be back together in no time, trust me. They love each other and always will”, said the source. The source said as Khaya’s bride-to-be, there’s a lot of pressure on Jessica.

“Khaya is taking over the church. Obviously, Jessica has to carry herself in a certain way and her public image has to change,” said the source. The source also claimed Jessica may have to leave acting to perform her Mamfundisi duties. “Some acting scenes involve a lot of kissing, and church people may take it seriously. Others don’t understand it’s acting and Jesicca’s job,” said the source.

The source added : “But you can’t confirm the two. I’m sure if they haven’t sorted out their differences, they will.”

When called for comment, Jessica refused to comment and hung up. Khaya requested he be emailed questions but he never reponded.

Source : Sunday Sun


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