Unable to sit by while different narratives about her character dominate social media after her break up with Isibaya star Andile Mxakaza, singer and amapiano DJ Lady Du has come out to set the record straight concerning her achievements.

Lady Du has been one of the most talked about females this year since she announced her separation from her ex-fiancé Andile. Along with shock and disappointment from the pair’s fans, there have been vile comments floating on the net about Lady Du from people accusing her of having used Andile’s fame to further her career.

Taking to Instagram, the Dakiwe hitmaker told her fans her story and how she’s been building her legacy from a young age. She said the one thing she couldn’t stomach was having people think she didn’t work hard for her fame and fortune.

“Can we fix one thing. At 16 I already had my first car. After school, I travelled the world working on a cruise ship. The pictures you see there are not of me standing in front of people’s cars, those are all the cars I owned. No bank. I bought, fixed and sold some of them to raise capital. I choose to live a life that’s under carpet because I don’t see why I need to post what I have. I’m a musician, I make music. My life has nothing to do with anyone!. One thing I will not allow is for people to even think any of my stuff was built by someone else,” she said.

The musician went on to list more jobs she’s held before making it clear she’s never dated for money.

“All I have is from my own blood, sweat and tears. I have never ever been with anyone for money. It’s purely out of love when I date. One thing I appreciate that my dad taught me is to never put a price tag on love because when the price is no longer there you’ll be the most miserable person ever. I have built myself to be the woman I am today.”

See the pictures she’s shared taking her followers down memory lane and read the rest of her caption below:

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