Latest on DJ Sbu’s new love, a Joburg Student!

dj sbu new loveDJ Sbu has responded to reports that he has found new love and is dating a voluptuous Jo’burg student.

The Sunday Sun claimed the TV personality and entrepreneur is dating University of Joburg student, Boitumelo Mahlase, after being dumped by his baby mama.

The report added that DJ Sbu and Boitumelo flew to Durban in a private jet recently, and have been dating for quite a while.

Mmm, when did he get a private plane? Just last week he was flying with low budget airline, Mango.

Three sources apparently confirmed Sbu’s new love interest, but it seems the DJ has no idea who the woman in question is!

He released a statement shortly after the story broke on Sunday, saying he is appalled and disgusted by the fake report.

“[Sunday Sun] I am very disappointed at your fabricated article about me & a sister I have never met. I don’t know this young lady. I have never met or ever spoke to her in my life. I have never been in a private jet in my life, I do not own one, nor can I afford one,” Sbu said on Facebook.

Sbu further added that he helps students with their education, and does not date them!

“I am a 36-year-old grown man who runs an education foundation & does not date students. I respect & help students. I do not mind being accused of things I have done. But not lies I have nothing to do with. I am a very hard working man building a new start-up company & a dedicated father. Your efforts to continuously try & destroy my reputation with unfounded baseless stories full of lies & no facts are totally unfair. Not only to myself & my family but to families of the people you keep involving in all these lies,” he continued.



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