Legal Battle Over ‘Jerusalema’ Hits Snag as Master KG Accused of Delay Tactics

The ongoing copyright lawsuit over the international hit song “Jerusalema” has hit a significant roadblock as allegations surface that producer Master KG and his former record label, Open Mic, are stalling the legal process.

The court is tasked with determining the rightful creator of the globally acclaimed track, but this process is being delayed due to the unavailability of the defendants for setting a trial date.

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Failed Negotiations

Attempts to resolve the dispute out of court have also faltered. According to Sunday World, negotiations between Master KG, Open Mic, and the two artists accusing him of theft, Charmza The DJ (Presley Ledwaba) and Biblos (Ntimela Chauke), broke down during the negotiation stages. Charmza The DJ and Biblos claim they are the original creators of “Jerusalema” and have been pursuing legal action since 2022.

Frustration Over Delays

The lawsuit, filed in 2022, accuses Master KG, born Kgaogelo Moagi, of copyright infringement for allegedly stealing the song that went on to achieve over a billion views and streams worldwide. Despite the lawsuit being in place for two years, progress has stalled. Lawyers for Charmza The DJ and Biblos expressed their frustration in an email exchange.

The email revealed that proposed trial dates from May 27 to May 31 were ignored by Master KG and Open Mic.

We have also followed up with the first and second defendants’ legal representatives. We had given them until close of business on Friday, 19 April 2024, to confirm their availability for that period,” the email stated.

However, Master KG and Open Mic requested an extension until April 30, 2024, but did not respond by the deadline.

Accusations of Delay Tactics

Sources close to the case believe that the defendants are employing delay tactics to avoid setting a trial date.

They are being very good with the delay strategy. …That is what they are doing, they have a hundred delay tactics. Eventually the case will go to court though. They can’t settle. Because if they admit to it, it is a lot of millions, around the tune of 10 million dollars. So you see that there is a lot at stake for them,” said an insider.

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