Lesedi Spoils Shona Ferguson With His Favourite Meal

Lasedi Spoils Shona Ferguson With Favourite Meal

Lesedi Spoils Shona Ferguson With His Favourite Meal

Shona Ferguson is just an ordinary dad like the rest and he recently took to Instagram after his daughter Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson prepared his favourite meal.

Shona Ferguson sat down to his favorite meal, courtesy of daughter, Lesedi. The actor and producer took to Instagram to share his food pic, indicating that Lesedi made the meal.

In the post, he also said, he can have matogo porridge for dinner each day.

Lasedi Spoils Shona Ferguson With His Favourite Meal

Motogo is a starch dish made from softly ground maize left to summer. It forms part of the staple in most Southern African countries.

Apparently, it happens to Shona’s favorite meal and he thanked his daughter for spoiling him.

I can have motogo for dinner every night. Thank you my baby.

Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson is Connie’s daughter from her first marriage with filmmaker Neo Matsunyane, but Shona is her dad in the same way Neo is.

The Fergusons are also quite the fitness fanatics. For the longest time, they have always been health conscious and everyone in the household is working hard to maintain their body.

What we know also is that Connie does not drink alcohol at all! The actress recently responded to a fan who asked her if it is her on-screen character Harriet who prefers to drink wine or champagne and she said she does not drink alcohol at all. We are not surprised that the actress does not consume alcohol because when it comes to her health and looks she is spectacular.

Connie and her ex husband Neo are in good books and even with Shona Ferguson himself.

They occasionally shout-out to each other on social media with Connie wishing Neo Matsunyane a happy father’s day, to which he replied describing them as an extended family writing

I had the best Fathers Day on the planet and thanks to my children Momo Matsunyane , Sedii Matsunyane. My Godchild Tabby Kunupi. Grandson and his dad Austine Malema. Family is everything, and extended families too. Connie Ferguson I’m gonna hold you to the strooi thing and Ferguson Films (Shona Ferguson ) we’ve come a LONG way. We are family first and always, love conquers!”

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