Kedibone Matlatse is a beautiful young woman – but she cannot stand her own smell!

This is because the 27-year-old from Vaalbank, Mpumalanga, suffers from a condition that makes her skin crack if she baths or uses any deodorant.

Kedibone, who suffers from bad eczema, said if she baths her skin starts to itch and she scratches it so much, she starts bleeding.

“I don’t dare go near water because once it gets into the cracks in my skin I am in excruciating pain. This means I do not bath and I cannot even wash my clothes. I cannot even use deodorant because I also have cracks in my armpits,” she said.

Kedibone said the problem started when she was still very young.

She had to drop out of school because other kids made fun of her whenever she scratched herself.

“The other kids laughed and said I had fleas. I had no choice but to drop out of school.

“I feel as if my life is cursed, because I cannot do anything for myself. I can’t cook, bath or do my washing.

“Blood is always coming out of my feet and hands and I live with severe pain,” she said.

Kedibone said she was unemployed, which meant she could not afford to buy medication for herself.

Dr Bob-John Masango said although eczema was not curable, it could be controlled.

“The patient will have to see a doctor, who will determine how bad the problem is and how much it has affected her body,” he said.

Source : DailySun


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