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Limpopo Grandmother Arrested For Stealing Her Own Grandchild

In a puzzling turn of events, a grandmother allegedly abducted her own granddaughter in Tshidaulu, Mbilwi village near Thohoyandou in Limpopo.

The woman, aged 44, reportedly took her 20-day-old grandchild and falsely reported her as missing. She was apprehended by the police on Thursday and now faces charges of child abduction.

The Mysterious Disappearance

According to Colonel Malesela Ledwaba, the police spokesperson, the incident unfolded when, on Tuesday, the suspect shared a room with her 16-year-old daughter, who is the baby’s mother. Despite sleeping in the same room, they each had their separate beds. On Wednesday morning, as the teenager was getting ready for school, she discovered that her baby was nowhere to be found.

The grandmother then went to the Thohoyandou Police Station to report the missing child on behalf of her minor daughter. Police initiated their investigation and contacted the grandmother via her phone. She falsely claimed to be at her workplace in Levubu. However, it was later discovered that she had been spotted in her neighbourhood carrying a paper bag.

A Happy Ending: Limpopo Grandmother Arrested For Stealing Her Own Grandchild

Upon further inquiry, it was revealed that the grandmother was not at her workplace but had hidden the paper bag in an unknown house in Tshidaulu, Mbilwi village. A subsequent search in the area, assisted by the Makhado K9 unit dog, led to the discovery of the baby, who had been left unharmed in a house. The infant was then taken to the Trauma Centre for safekeeping.

During questioning by the police, the grandmother admitted to the abduction and confessed that she had falsely reported a missing person. Consequently, she was promptly arrested and charged with both perjury and child abduction. The baby was later reunited with her mother. As of now, the motive behind this disturbing incident remains unknown, as police investigations are ongoing.

The grandmother is scheduled to appear before the Thohoyandou Magistrates Court on Monday, September 18, 2023.

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