Long Covid: Patients report internal tremors and vibrations

A number of people with a self-reported history of Covid-19 infection have reported symptoms involving internal tremors and vibrations.

The preprint study published in MedRxiv investigated potential long haul Covid symptoms reported by Covid-19 patients.

The researchers collected data from Survivor Corps, a grassroots Covid-19 patient advocacy group, using their Facebook page to collect information from members suffering from self-reported vibrations and tremors.

They gathered 140 emails and 450 Facebook comments from members and identified 22 themes and 7 broader domains based on standard coding techniques for collecting qualitative data.

These domains were: symptom experience, description, anatomic location, initial symptom onset, symptom timing, symptom triggers or alleviators, change from baseline health status, experience with a medical establishment, and impact on people’s lives and livelihood.

For Facebook comments, they used Word Cloud methodology to visualise the prevalence of terms.

Vibrations and tremors

The study findings show that some people who reported long Covid claimed to exhibit prolonged and debilitating symptoms involving vibrations and tremors. Some experiences were heterogeneous (diverse), especially in symptom timing, medical history, and initial infection.

The email responses found that people experienced various long Covid symptoms. Some indicated that the vibrations and tremors were associated with mental health effects, including anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

One participant wrote:

I could not sleep and went 15 days straight with no sleep. I was suicidal in addition to all the other Covid symptoms; this one showed up two months after my acute Covid.

Others also reported that their vibration and tremor symptoms caused disability.

Many Long-Term Covid-19 Patients Started With Asymptomatic Infections

A new study analyzed the medical records of 1,407 people who tested positive in California and did not need to be hospitalized while infected

“I have felt internal tremors that feel like a fizzing/bubbling that moves through my trunk and extremities. My arms and legs shake, and  I have problems even holding my fork still to feed myself. My mind doesn’t cooperate most days, and  I have speech issues with slurred speaking and stuttering,” another participant wrote in an email.

Research needed for possible treatments

The vaccine was associated with improvements in symptoms for some people and relapse in symptoms for others.

“I had the internal vibrations intensely during my year of long haul. Since the vaccine, most of my symptoms have abated or significantly diminished. I do still have some of the internal vibrations, though, especially after exertion,” a participant reported.

The Facebook comments word cloud found that the 10 most frequent terms used were tremors, Covid, pain, vibrations, months, burning, feet, hands, legs and back.

People also reported how testing and medical care have not yet identified possible mechanisms or successful treatment for these symptoms.

Study authors say that more research is needed in this area of Covid, especially research into possible treatments.


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