Somizi Mhlongo's 'Lookalike' Sends Social Media Into A FrenzySomizi long lost twin (Image Credit: Instagram via@somizi)

Long Lost Brother?| Somizi Mhlongo’s ‘Lookalike’ Sends Social Media Into A Frenzy


Video footage of Somizi Mhlongo’s “long lost twin” is trending on social media as people cannot get enough of the lookalike.

A young man only identified as  Shebeshit has caught social media users’ attention with his striking resemblance to media personality and Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo.

One would not be wrong to believe that Shebeshit is a long-lost younger sibling or twin brother as he is a mirror image of Somizi Mhlongo.

Somizi long lost twin
Somizi x his lookalike Shebeshit (Image Credit: Twitter via@ke_Aturo)


Netizens could not help but think that Somizi and Shebeshit might be related somehow.

Shebeshit has the same features, for instance, his moustache, eyes and facial bone structure are similar to Somizi. He also has tattoos just like Somizi and has the same height as well.


Somizi Mhlongo long lost twin (screengrab from the video)


Somizi Mhlongo’s lookalike is also rumoured to be in the entertainment industry.

The striking resemblance between them is so uncanny to the extent that netizens are finding it hard to believe that they are not related at all.

Shebeshit’s video caused such a stir that he later came out to set the record straight and revealed that he was not related to Somizi in any way.

“We are not related”, he commented on the video.

Social media users do not believe him. They have demanded DNA tests to confirm the results as they think they could be long-lost relatives.

Somizi Mhlongo long lost twin
Somizi Lookalike (Image Credit: Instagram via@somizi)


Netizens are however having a field day on social media as they comment on the resemblance between the two.

Check out some of the reactions on social media;


Thought it was him  Somizi ay cut..they look so identical 


Somgaga in the flesh 🤣 🤣


He looks like a coloured version of @somizi 🫣


Somizi must come fetch his brother


Isn’t that Somizi?..@somizi bafo is that your duplicate 🤔


His Twin Brother, long lost phela it was Apartheid time. He went to exile in Limpopo 🤣🤣


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