Gayton McKenzie Minister Gayton McKenzie Becomes Minister Of Sports, Arts, and Culture [Image: @GaytonMcK/X]

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie was announced as the new Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture, and social media users are having a blast.

The former criminal turned politician, Gayton McKenzie, was announced into Cabinet last night by President Cyril Ramaphosa.


From Gang Life To Cabinet

McKenzie’s journey from prison to parliament is nothing short of remarkable. Born in Heidedal, Bloemfontein, he gained notoriety in the 1990s as a member of the notorious “26s” prison gang. His criminal activities led to a 17-year sentence for armed robbery. However, during his incarceration, McKenzie underwent a transformation, educating himself and advocating for prison reform.

Upon his release, McKenzie got into business and became prominent and wealthy. He later founded the Patriotic Alliance (PA). His charisma and commitment to social justice quickly gained him followers. Over the years, he rose through the ranks, serving as a Member of Parliament and Mayor of the Karoo.

The African National Congress (ANC) formed a coalition with ten other political parties to form a government after failing to win a majority in the May elections. As part of the deal, some political parties received Cabinet positions, and the PA received the Sports, Arts, and Culture portfolio.

McKenzie commented on the appointment:

“I sincerely hope that my appointment as a Minister or my other achievements despite my past, despite the many insults, despite the many that tried to block my rise, should show you that your destiny is in the hands of God. Praise Him 🥹🙏🏾”

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Social Media Frenzy As Gayton McKenzie Becomes Minister Of Sports, Arts, and Culture

Gayton McKenzie Minister
Gayton McKenzie Becomes Minister Of Sports, Arts, and Culture [Image: Theo Jephta/Netwerk24]


Since Gayton became minister, people online have been buzzing. The PA leader has been tweeting so much, which has tickled people.

After Tyla and Makhadzi’s BET wins, “Lord Gayton” beamed:

“Things are happening already. Congratulations to both ladies. We wanna assure South Africans that we will not be a Ministry that will be content with congratulating artists and creatives only but will go out and unearth more Tyla’s & Makhadzi’s. Help us find more future superstars.”

Mzansi has been having fun over Gayton McKenzie getting into Cabinet.


“Day 1 of Lord Gayton McKenzie in the office of Arts & Culture. We already won 2 BET awards. Service delivery in less than 24 hours 🔥”


“Now that Lord Gayton McKenzie is a minister of Sports and Culture, we benching all foreigners in PSL. We play 100% South African. We cooking 🔥🔥”


“That Jumping and waving hands at the stadium gave someone an idea that perhaps Gayton McKenzie can be a great sports Minister.”

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