Matorokisi Hitmaker Makhadzi Faces Defamatory Lawsuit?

Makhadzi Faces Defamatory Lawsuit
Rita Dee

Makhadzi faces defamatory lawsuit
Venda, South Africa
Makhadzi recently took to social media to open up about her futile relationship with her former manager Rita Dee Nephawe.
The Matorokisi hitmaker took to Twitter on Sunday and alleged that Rita Dee has not paid her royalties from her debut album.
The songstress also claimed that Rita owes her money from her two hit singles on YouTube. However, Rita has hit back at Makhadzi’s claims. The ex-manager has decided to hit the artist with a defamation of character lawsuit.

Rita has shared that she has not received any payment for Makhadzi’s YouTube videos. The music videos for Matorokisi and Riya Venda had garnered close to 20 million views on the app before Rita deleted them.

In an explosive interview with City Press, Rita Dee said:

“Last time I spoke to her was in February. It was to my surprise when she posted threats on social media because of YouTube views. I then decided to delete the YouTube videos so that I can cut ties with her completely. YouTube has not paid me a cent. I deleted the videos on Saturday morning after she sent threats on Facebook. If YouTube was giving me any money, I would not have deleted the videos. I would have made sure that the videos garnered more views so that I could get more money. There was no money, that is why I deleted them.
Moreover, we did the album last year and had a distribution deal with Open Mic. February is the only month they sent us a statement of how much they sold to shop and caller tunes and things like that. I did not claim from Open Mic because she then signed a direct deal with Open Mic and so I then distanced myself from that and cut ties with her,” said Rita Dee in an explosive interview with City Press.

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