In a shocking revelation, artists at Makhathes Productions recording label are living in fear as fellow upcoming singer 1st Lady K threatens and bullies them.

The artists have come forward with allegations of bullying and intimidation by fellow singer and sangoma Khanyisa Clementine Mngwenya, popularly known as 1st Lady K.

The artists, who transitioned from prominent labels Ambitiouz Entertainment and Mabala Noise, express deep concerns about their safety and well-being under 1st Lady K’s rule.

Rule of Fear: Artists Detail 1st Lady K’s Stringent Regulations at Makhathes Productions

According to Zimoja, 1st Lady K, despite being relatively new to the music industry, has allegedly imposed strict rules at the production house located in Midrand, Johannesburg, where all the artists reside. Among the rules are threats of harm if the artists fail to comply. One anonymous artist living in the house voiced fear of the singer’s controlling nature, claiming that 1st Lady K wants things to always go her way.

The set of rules posted in communal areas indicates an aggressive approach. One of the rules which is more disturbing and shocking is rule number seven. Rule number seven suggests severe consequences for those who open the door without knocking. It states;

Open the door before knocking, or you will get your throat ripped.”

Makhathes Productions Record Label Artists Live in Fear as Fellow Upcoming Singer 1st Lady K Threatens and Bullies Them
Makhathes Productions Artists Live in Fear as Singer 1st Lady K Threatens and Bullies Them (image Credit: Zimoja)

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Former Singer Reveals Physical Confrontation Involving 1st Lady K

An insider revealed that 1st Lady K has already physically assaulted a fellow singer who has since left the label. The altercation allegedly stemmed from a love triangle involving the assaulted artist, a well-known producer, and 1st Lady K herself. The source emphasized the detrimental impact of such behaviour on 1st Lady K’s emerging artist reputation.

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