Man Arrested After Staging Own KidnappingMan Arrested After Staging Own Kidnapping (Image Credit; The Citizen)

Man Arrested After Staging Own Kidnapping

In a bizarre turn of events, a 25-year-old man has been apprehended by the Western Cape multidisciplinary Kidnapping Task Team after orchestrating his own kidnapping. The elaborate scheme led his family to pay a hefty R15,000 ransom for what turned out to be a fake abduction.

Elaborate Scheme Unveiled: Man Stages Own Kidnapping

According to Captain Frederick van Wyk, the Western Cape police spokesperson, the incident unfolded on January 2.

The complainant, a foreign national, reported his brother missing after receiving a message from an anonymous number. According to IOL, The supposed victim, last seen leaving his residence at David Venda Street in Betterlife, Philippi East, was entrusted with depositing rent money at a local Shoprite.

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Family Pays Hefty Ransom: From R4,000 to R15,000

The man’s phone, initially switched off, was activated later that day, revealing a message claiming his brother had been kidnapped. The ransom demand started at R4,000 to R5,000, with alleged kidnappers stating they were in the Khayelitsha area and had taken the captive’s money and phone.

As the day progressed, the complainant’s wife received another message from a different number, demanding the increased amount of R15,000. Despite the family making the payment through an e-wallet on January 9, the “kidnapped” man failed to return home.

Confession and Shocking Revelations: Gambled Rent Money and a Fake Kidnapping

On January 10, the truth unravelled when the supposedly captive man reappeared at home. In a shocking revelation, he confessed to staging the kidnapping with a friend to extort money from his family. Additionally, he admitted to using the rent money for gambling.

Currently detained at the Philippi East police station, the man is expected to appear in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court in Cape Town on Friday to face charges related to his elaborate and deceptive scheme.


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