Man eats underwear to beat breathalyzer

An 18 year old Limpopo man tried to eat his underwear in the hope that the cotton fabric would absorb alcohol before a breathalyzer test, provincial court heard this week.

Thandani Chauke was subsequently acquitted of a charge of impaired driving because he blew .08, the legal limit.

But the testimony broke up people in Judge Malatji’s provincial court here last Thursday afternoon. Mr Chauke was collared by warrant officer Bill Malajila after he ran from his vehicle , which had been seen weaving down the freeway. While sitting in the back of the patrol car, Mr Chauke tried to eat his shorts, Officer Maharaj told the court. Mr Maharaj said he ripped the crotch out of his shorts, stuffed the fabric in his mouth and then spit it out.

A class of law students from University of Limpopo, in court as observers, was removed from the courtroom when testimony enlivened the proceedings , the first and second year students had difficulty maintaining their composure.

‘People were leaving the courtroom with tears in their eyes, trying not to laugh. Said officer Maharaj.

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