A man had the shock of his life after he slaughtered a goat over the weekend only to find three cellphones and a 100% brazilian hair piece inside the goat’s intestines. One of the three cellphones belonged to him and he had thought he lost it whilst drunk 8 months ago.

Neo Mathe of Hebron in the North West had recently got a job after three years of struggles and to decided to appease his ancestors by slaughtering a goat to enjoy with his family. The fattest goat was chosen for the sacrifice and upon skinning it, all those in attendance were shocked to find three cellphones inside the goat. A samsung s3, a Nokia c2 and a vodafone had found homage inside the goat’s tummy. Included was a Brazilian hairpiece with it’s price tag still on it : R3 600

“I lost this samsung 8 months ago and I thought I had lost it while drunk”, Neo exclaimed. “Little did I know I had a thief in the house”. The owners of the two other phones could not be ascertained as the phones had been damaged beyond repair. “I have no idea where it got the hair from but what a waste”

The discovery did not damper the festivities as the crowd continued with their party.

Source : iMzansi


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