A Kimberley based telecommunications manager has been fired from work following startling revelations.

Mr Hastings Molefe, who held the office of branch manager was abusing his office by living out his fantasies on work property.

Mr Molefe, who is known to have a fetish for blue movies is also facing a lawsuit from the company.

“He was constantly seeing female clients on a weekly basis and everyone in the workplace began wondering what the deal was” a colleague said.

They got their answer when one of the females who used to frequent Molefe’s office released a video of them bonking in his office.

According to a close source the video was sent to a friend who happened to send another friend until it went viral.

Further investigations revealed that Mr Molefe had been doing this for a while.

Mr Molefe has declined to comment and his phone went unanswered at the time of publication

Source: Online



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