A Polokwane man is facing 3 counts of murder for killing 3 of his family members in order to boost his wealth.
The 3 victims include his 2 brothers and his sister in law.

This happened after consulting with a Sangoma who told him in order for his business to flourish he had to sacrifice 3 family members.

“He called them together under false pretenses under the guise that he wanted to hold a braai party outside town Upon their arrival he immediately shot them to them to death” the investigating police officer Richmond Mulaudzi said in a statement to the press” The Sangoma had instructed him to cut their eyes and and tongues and bring them to him so as to make the powerful muthi.

Alarm was raised when the three deceased members went missing and people family members seeked police assistance.

“We don’t know what got into him that he would do such a thing. Has becoming rich more important than your own blood?” a close family said between heartbreaking sobs.

The accused refused to give any comments to the press under instructions from his lawyers.

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