THERE’s a flasher roaming the streets, and residents want him to stop.

They said they were gatvol of the man’s acts of nudity. But some say that while it was wrong, the man did have a “beautiful package!” “That man is clean and he dresses well and he’s also very gifted. He has every reason to show off his 4-5 – but not in public like that,” said a resident.

The residents of Kempton Park in Ekurhuleni said it was at about 11am on Sunday that they first spotted the stranger on the street performing his strange 4-5 act. The man, presumed to be in his 40s, stood in the cold, rainy weather, took out his 4-5 and played around with it.

“It was as if he was showing it to someone on the other side of the road. He looked happy to show it off,” said one resident. She said she was in her room when she spotted the guy through her window.

On a video supplied to Daily Sun, the man is seen taking off his belt while standing in the street, looking from side to side. It looks as if he’s talking to someone else on the other side of the building as he points his hand to his 4-5 before unleashing his “act”.

He then pulls up his T-shirt and drops his pants. Finally he pulls out his 4-5, swinging it from side to side near a burglar bar on the street. The man was stopped during his act and ran off after one of the occupants of the building shouted at him.

He apparently came back to the same spot two days later wearing the same clothes.

Source : DailySun


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