Manaka Ranaka seeking to make things right

Manaka Ranaka is still reaching out to the family of the schoolgirl she accidentally killed in a car accident.

In December 2015,Generations: The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka accidentally killed a matric pupil in a car accident, in Roodekoop on the East Rand.

The victim, who went by the name of Millicent Mbonani, was a Grade 12 student who was weeks away from receiving her matric results, until that fatal day occurred.

Since that fatal day, Manaka’s life has been turned upside down.

Speaking to Drum magazine, the actress revealed that the accident has become part of her. She said: “The accident has become part of my life, I’m not shy to talk about it.”

Whilst recalling the day, Manaka told the magazine that she wishes she had seen Millicent sooner before hitting her.

“The one thing I wish is that I’d seen her sooner. Lord, I really wish I had seen her sooner. But there was no way I could have seen her any sooner because there was a car right next to me that was obstructing my vision.

“By the time the car had passed she was right in front of my car. I tried to swerve to avoid her but couldn’t. It was too late to avoid her. Everything happened so fast.”

From day one, Manaka has desperately tried to reach out to Millicent’s family.

In the interview, her partner Thabo Monareng explains how Manaka insisted on going to Millicent’s mother to go and apologise. According to Thabo, Manaka was so apologetic she even went down on her knees asking for forgiveness.

Although the Mbonani family has asked for some space, Manaka has been keeping in touch with the family’s spokesperson to check up on the family from time to time.

“God knows I really want to be there almost every day and help her through this but at the same time I have to be realistic about it. I don’t want to be a constant reminder of what happened,” Manaka added.

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