Johannesburg – There is serious ‘friction’ between the late Mandoza’s family doctor and Edward Tshabalala,the late Kwaito star’s half-brother,after the medical doctor (names with-held) is accused of leaking the late legend’s post-mortem results,iMzansi has learnt.

According to Mandoza’s family spokesperson, Ms Thembi Tshabalala,there is a reason why they misinformed the nation when they insisted that he died from cancer,when in actual fact,another ‘dangerous’ disease took him,according to the latest post-mortem results submitted to iMzansi this morning.

”We don’t owe anyone an explanation,why should we have to explain each and every ailment that our brother suffered from ?For Christ’s sake,I repeat,we don’t owe anyone an explanation in relation to Mandoza’s death,what you must just know is that the legend passed away,period,to avoid commotion and shock from his thousands of fans and relatives,we agreed that we inform the nation about the cancer,although it wasn’t really cancer,as for the doctor whom we gave all the trust and betrayed us, we will meet him in court”,fumed Thembi Tshabalala.

According to Thembi, Mpho (Mandoza’s widow) fainted soon after seeing Mandoza’s actual cause of death.She shifted all the blame on the doctor,and insisted that he ‘must pay’ to avoid sudden ‘misfortune’.

The post-mortem results will be available to iMzansi after getting permission from the responsible authorities.

Source : iMzansi




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