The late Kwaito star’s wife who recently made headlines after she unexpectedly announced her controversial decision to move on,has been ‘exposed’ by the ‘bitter’ Mandoza’s family members.

Mpho Tshabalala,the widow who lost her husband Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala after a long battle with cancer on the 18th of September 2016,recently promised to ‘shed more light’ on her ‘new man’ whom she posted on her Instagram account last week.

According to sources within Mandoza’s family,Mpho is said to be ‘deeply in love’ with a man who happened to be  one of Mandoza’s close friends and a respected figure at their Grace Bible Church.

”None of my family members are happy,this is just a disgrace,like seriously how can someone in her right mind move on barely few months after her husband’s death,let alone with his best friend,as Mandoza family we are planning to end this because we are still mourning”,said one Mandoza’s family member who commented on condition of anonymity.

When asked by iMzansi why she speculates that Mpho has really moved on with the man who is yet to be officially announced his true identity by Mpho,the whistle blower claimed that she has since ‘spotted’ the love birds more than six times ‘sharing quality time’ in ‘fancy places’.

”One thing that bothered me is that they are not even ashamed to hug and kiss in public,surely this is un-African and they will both pay for this”,another family member added.

When contacted for comment,Mpho Tshabalala could not confirm or deny the allegations laid against her and she only insisted that she will make the relationship official during ‘the right time’,before she dropped the phone call.

Source : iMzansi



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