The good book says, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord”. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of one man in Keringet area, Nakuru County.

Apparently, Reuben Rotich can no longer persevere the displeasure of living with his church-loving wife.

The 37-year-old is at odds with the mother of his three children, Milka Rotich whom he claims is overly religious and can’t afford to miss a church crusade or convention, even if it’s at the expense of her family.

Rotich doesn’t understand why she has to attend each and every evangelical trip her church organises, yet she is a house wife.

“Trouble began when she decamped to a new church, where she now spends the better part of her days. When she is not there for choir practice, she is on a church trip, at a night vigil, crusade or bible study session,” Rotich told this writer.

Her imprudent spending of financial resources to fund the trips have negatively impacted on other family activities; something her husband finds annoying.

“She has to know she is a wife and a mother, I don’t understand why she just can’t stick to the usual Sunday service. Isn’t that sufficient?” a furious Rotich wondered.

What’s more, the wife has also converted their home into a planning base, where parishioners meet to strategise on this and that in regard to church activities. Rotich complained that this not only inconveniences him but also denies him privacy.

What really angers the man more is the fact that some of the church members always try to convince and nag him to join their church. That she has the nerve to defend her crazy obsession with church is something that drives Rotich up the wall.

“Would you believe that she accused me of being a sinner, hell-bent on pulling her down spiritually?” Loudly wondered Rotich. The furious husband complained to this writer about the numerous times he had to do domestic duties such as bathing children, preparing them for school and cooking their food, as his wife was busy shuttling from one crusade or evangelical outing to the other.

Rotich said his wife has been escalating the matter by boring him with endless lecturers, saying how earthly possessions are vanity and that all she was doing was to work towards inheriting the heavenly kingdom.

“She even dismissed my mother who had tried to help solve the matter amicably, while describing her and her husband as mere weapons formed against her that were not going to prosper,” he said.

Attempts to bring her to her senses were futile, as she stuck to her guns, maintaining that much as she will try to take care of the home, she would continue channeling her other energies to spiritual matters.

What was even frustrating to Reuben was the fact that the wife had resolved to be away more often without getting permission from him.

“My brother, when a woman starts denying you conjugal rights, claiming that she is fasting or just abstaining in order to pray for this or that, like when she told me the other day that she was praying for the country, you know things are bad,” complained Rotich.

The marriage now hangs in the balance after the woman began ‘cold war’. Rotich said she has not been talking since he told her off. He is now contemplating ending the marriage and raising his kids alone, if matters get worse.



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