Memorable #SONA2016 quotes

Like clockwork, the 2016 leg of the State of the Nation Address was one filled with drama. South Africa was looking with bated breath to see suprises this year’s address would bring. It did not disappoint. Who can forget the SONA 2015 when bouncers kicked out the EFF crew. This year was different though. The EFF team walked out on their own. We have gathered some rather memorable quotes from the assembly.

  1. ZuptaMustFall : EFF leader Julius Malema broke out in sing chanting the words #ZUPTA MUST FALL. He was joined in echo by his EFF comrades. One would have sworn they practiced this chorus because their voices were coordinated. Enough to make it into the semi finals of Clash of the Choirs.

2. Honorable Speaker : House speaker Baleka Mbete had a tough time controlling her nerves after members of the EFF went into a repetition of the Honourable Speaker. At one point she even removed her designer spectacles as the EFF members where adamant on being recognised. Honorable speaker.

3. Point of Order : Baleka Mbete stirred an honest nest when she initially banned point of orders. This did not sit down well with other political parties reminding her that she should not make rules based on emotions. Eventually point of orders were reinstated but Baleka was reluctant to give any point of orders to EFF members.

4. Leave the house : EFF members were eventually asked to leave the house. Unlike the previous year however, they left on their own accord. Even Mosiuoa Lekota was asked to ‘leave the house’ at one point.

5. Not relevant : ALL of EFF’s point of orders were dismissed as ‘not relevant’

6. I did not recognize you : EFF members who opted to speak without prior recognition from the house of speaker where also duly dismissed.

7. Order honorable member : Quiet a lot of Honorable members were not in order during the SONA. The arguments started one minute into proceedings and it took almost 30 minutes for the president to take the stand.

The #SONA has become a rather embarrassing and uncoordinated affair for the second year in a roll now. Here is hoping next year’s leg will be more coordinated.

Source : iMzansi



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