Johanesburg – According to a warning posted on the South African government website at exactly 06:00am earlier today,9 November 2016,UK scientists have discovered a new type of cancer called forpenal cancer.

This cancer affects men who have cut their for_eskins and a minority of men whose members ar not cut. They found out that there is a carcinogen in the unde_rwears that affect the internal skin of the pe_nis directly. This carcinogen is very concentrated and it comes from the a_nus mixed when with sweat.

Upon learning of the shocking information on the government website,Metro Fm decided to hear from the horse’s mouth,the Minister Of Health himself Mr Aaron Motsoaledi and decided to do a brief phone call and this is how he responded,”Remember as fae_ces are passed some remain inside and some are even trapped by the hair around a_nus,in that case all those who are circum_sided are in danger as the carcinogen eventually reach the pe_nis,we have since received reports of forpenal cancer around South Africa and the statistics are very disturbing”, said the Minister.

Mr Aaron Motsoaledi has since publicly encouraged men to immediately stop circum_sicion until the government find the most effective way to fight the new disease.In an effort to reduce panic from the citizens and other circum_siced men who may need counselling,the warning which was first posted of government health website has since been taken down pending communication through formal state media.

The Minister has further urged all fellow citizens to share the warning on all various platforms to save lives during Metro Fm brief interview.


Source : iMzansi


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