Durban – A Durban policeman is encouraging men to speak out about abuse.

Warrant Officer Nervarge Lutchminarain says very often men do not want to report abuse because they are ridiculed when they do.

“There are many men who are emotionally, physically and verbally abused daily by women but are afraid to speak about their experience because their own communities and peers make a mockery of them. Men and boys also need support, they are also human, its time society supports and stands up against men abuse,” he said.

Lutchminarain said in one of his first cases early on his career, a 28-year-old woman was convicted of rape. He said the woman had been raping her 14-year-old nephew.

“The youngster thought this was normal. He was unaware that he was being raped. He thought it was the right age to have sexual intercourse,” Lutchminarain said.

He added that he has worked on several cases where men refused to open cases against their partners or other females who had abused and violated them, simply because they felt embarrassed.

“Men need to man up and speak out against abuse. Because these men cannot show the power in their relationships, they tend to commit other violent crimes or at times they turn on their perpetrators”, he said.

Lutchminarain was one of the key officers instrumental in the conviction of a Verulam father who raped his step-daughter over 900 times. The man used the child to record pornography and forced her to perform sexual acts.

Lutchminarain has been working with the SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Investigations and the Serial and Electronic FCS Crime Investigations units.

Born and bred in Tongaat, north of Durban, Lutchminarain joined the SAPS in 1993.

The SAPS is encouraging all citizens to download the #MySAPS app.The app allows citizens to share information more effectively by providing tip-offs anonymously through the app, finding the nearest police stations and facilities and offers quick access to all official SAPS social media platforms.

In addition, GBV survivors and those exposed to GBV related abuse are encouraged to click on the vulnerability services icon on the MySAPSApp to get a better understanding of what the FCS unit offers to GBV survivors and affected parties.



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