Miner abandons bailStillwater mine worker-Image Source@X
Boinehelo Lefefa, a 43-year-old miner, who found himself in the Westonaria magistrate’s court facing charges of brutally stabbing his colleague, Alcino Macovo, 51, to death abandons bail. The gruesome incident took a macabre twist when Lefefa allegedly took a selfie with the lifeless body.
Lefefa, who stands accused of the heinous crime, opted to abandon his bail application during a recent appearance at the Westonaria magistrate’s court. The proceedings were brief, and the case has now been transferred to the regional court, with a new hearing scheduled for January 30.Legal counsel for Lefefa, Lwazi Mzinyathi, engaged in a brief consultation with his client before informing the court about the decision to forego the bail application. However, no specific reason was provided for this unexpected turn of events.ALSO READ: Tragic Study Session: Three Teenagers Fatally Shot While Studying In Eastern Cape

The miner’s gruesome murder caught on camera

Miner abandons bails
Mine worker murders workmate-Image Source@X

The alleged incident, captured on camera, depicts Lefefa stabbing Macovo, disembowelling him, and attempting to behead him. Shockingly, he proceeded to take a selfie and record videos of himself alongside the deceased. Reports also indicate that Lefefa confiscated Macovo’s cell phone during the gruesome encounter, adding another layer of complexity to the case.

The attack reportedly occurred at a spaza shop, where Lefefa confronted the victim with a knife, leading to the tragic outcome.

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Gauteng National Prosecuting Authority regional spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane revealed that the accused decided to abandon bail during the recent court appearance. The case’s postponement to January allows for the finalization of state investigations. Mjonondwane expressed optimism, stating, “Hopefully by then, we will have finalized all the state investigations so that we can move to the next stage of disclosing the contents of the docket to the defence so that they can prepare for the trial.”

She further emphasized that investigations were at an advanced stage and expected to conclude soon, indicating a swift progression in the legal proceedings surrounding this gruesome murder case.


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