Miss South Africa’s Homecoming!

Miss South Africa’s Homecoming!

Current Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida went home to Polokwane yesterday. The capital city of Limpopo province was bustling with eager members of the community who wanted to greet and meet our reigning queen. It was an incredible welcome as Shudu did her parade across town, calmly waving to the masses who were as delighted as she was that the crown is home and belongs to the people of Limpopo too. Shudufhadzo was born in Ha-Masia village in the Vhembe district of the province, a part of the province whose primary language is Tshivenda. The people of Limpopo, many undoubtedly from Ha-Masia came out in droves, masks clad to shout in unison, a congratulatory message to the stunner who has stolen all our hearts since she claimed the crown a few weeks ago. 

The tour included a few radio stations, lunch with government officials, and an address by the real, university of Pretoria Social Sciences graduate. Many people have hailed her for her eloquence and grace, aside from the very obvious beauty she possesses. Shudu has done Limpopo and South Africa a huge solid by taking on that crown. (Just as an aside, how wonderful is Limpopo doing at exporting smarts and talents and now beauty to the rest of the world?)  She seems to have quickly warmed up into the hearts of South Africans while shattering the glass ceiling on beauty. 

Drive time radio host Dee Nkomo who hosts #TheDrive together with Itu Banda, on the regional radio station Capricorn FM, tweeted his excitement at welcoming the queen home. 

Musida’s figure is literally to die for! During her parade she wore a stunning, long number, from Imprint ZA; she looked incredibly regal and queenly in it. As an add on, she also wore a corset from Gert Johan Coetzee, and to be frank, the addition did seem unnecessary but it is Shudu, she could make a refuse bag look like a must get the item!

The tour did not end today, this was just day 1 of the queen’s homecoming! Looking forward to more looks!


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