Guys like to think they’re cool and that they know all there is to know about girls. Strange then, that so many of them make such stupid mistakes, when it comes to having a serious relationship with one! It’s even stranger that they all seem to make the same mistakes; don’t they even talk to each other?! So listen up guys, here are the biggest relationship mistakes that most guys just can’t stop making:

1. Not letting go of the ex

Your girlfriend doesn’t want to talk about your ex, hear about your ex, see her photograph and no, it’s not OK, if you go for a coffee with your ex! Check out the meaning of ex in the dictionary, if you unsure about this.

2. Telling her what to wear

You probably liked the low cut top and short skirt when you first met your girlfriend, so why should you start insisting that she dresses up like a nun now? Stop being so insecure! If she wears a short skirt now, then it is for your benefit, not for that weirdo at the other end of the bar who keeps looking your way.

3. Getting over-possessive and super jealous

A girl is not going to drop all her male friends and acquaintances, just because she is dating you. It is perfectly possible for members of the opposite gender to be just good friends. Jealousy and over possessiveness can kill even the best of relationships! Remember it.

4. Indecision and lack of initiative

Any modern girl has a right to say what she wants, but sometimes they just want you to make a decision. A man should be able to take the lead and not always just say ‘whatever you want, my love’.

5. Taking her for granted

Yes, she loves you. She might even worship the ground that you walk on! But she still wants to know that she’s appreciated. Don’t take the relationship for granted, make an effort or you might find her walking away.

6. Treating her like one of the lads

When faced with the dilemma of going out with your friends or going out with your girlfriend, trust us, taking your girlfriend with you on your boy’s night out is not the best solution. Girls like special nights out, just for the two of you…and a bit of sweet romance…They don’t want to share that with all your noisy buddies at the sports bar.

7. Getting too comfortable

Just because you are comfortable in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can return to all the old bad habits that you had when you lived on your own. You know what we’re talking about: the belching, the scratching and the breaking of wind in a fashion that would be worthy of an Olympic gold medal!

8. Treating her like a servant

She’s your girlfriend, not your live in maid. She’s not just there to do your cooking, washing and ironing, so give her some respect. If you want that kind of service, go live with your mother again, although it’s doubtful that she would do it any more for you either!

9. Not being in her corner

If in doubt, back your girlfriend. You are supposed to be a team, so if there is an argument with someone else, then it’s your girlfriend that you should back up. It’s a big mistake to take someone else’s side.

10. Making her words to go in one ear and out the other

Not listening and, listening properly, is a very common and fatal mistake that most guys make. Your girlfriend has a right to an opinion and she deserves to be listened to, especially as girls can often see things that men can’t.

What other relationship mistakes most guys do make, on your opinion?

Stay happy!

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