Mixed Reaction As The Stoko Lady Reveals How Much She Charges

John Vuli Gate Girl
John Vuli Gate Girl

Mixed Reaction As The Stoko Lady Reveals How Much She Charges

There has been a mixed reaction on social media after one of the John Vuli Gate stoko ladies revealed how much she charges per gig.

Recently, 19-year-old Tshegofatso Maepa, who is popularly known as Arianna Katt on social media, shot to fame when a video of her and 4 other friends went viral on social media. In the video, the ladies are bolding bottles of Russian Bear while energetically performing the butt-wiggling dance move to Mapara A Jazz’s amapiano song John Vuli Gate.

Following the viral video, the ladies have since capitalized on their fame to land lucrative deals with clothing brands and alcohol companies. The enterprising Arianna has taken it further and is making appearances at events as well as being a dancing MC. However, her rates have left many in Mzansi shocked over what they claim are high charges.

Arianna Katt’s charges are as follows:

  • R8 000 For Events
  • R5 000 For Weddings
  • R4 000 For Appearance
  • The price for music videos is currently said to be negotiable

Many are of the opinion that the charges are simply too high for someone who is just starting out in the entertainment industry and who does not have much pedigree. Others are of the opinion that Arianna knows what she is worth and that she is charging appropriately.

Below are some of the reactions to the charges.

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