Rick Simpson with his mentor

Rick Simpson with his mentor
Rick Simpson with his mentor
THE incidents of racism and growing hatred among Mzansi’s different racial groups have upset even those beyond the grave.

And now the ancestors have chosen a mlungu thwasa to bring an important message to all South Africans.The message is simple: “There is no racism among the ancestors!”

Speaking to Daily Sun on Saturday, ithwasa Rick Simpson (50) said he has been haunted by dreams since 1996. He said at first he didn’t realise it was a calling.“In the dream there was water separating two pieces of land. On the one side there were white people and on the other black people.

“My ancestors showed me muthi in the water, but I didn’t understand what it all meant.“My ancestors kept on telling me that all people are equal, but the water separated them because they lived far apart from one another,” said Rick.

He said as a herbalist who heals the sick with plants, the haunting dream became more real when he couldn’t mix his herbs anymore. “I would go to the bush and look for muthi but I would not find it.“Then my ancestors showed me in my dreams that gogo Philasande Yoko was to be my trainer. I can feel in my blood she is the chosen one,” he said.

Rick from Willows in Port Elizabeth started his training at gogo Philsande’s place in Motherwell on Saturday. Gogo Philasande is the chairwoman of the Traditional Healers Organisation in Nelson Mandela Bay.Rick said he believes his ancestors want him to unite the nation.“My ancestors want my healing to unite people. They say there is no discrimination among ancestors, hence they chose gogo Philasande as my trainer,” he said.

Philasande said: “My ancestors told me about him a long time ago. He came at the right time when the country is facing many incidents of racism. “The ancestors share the same values and there is no discrimination among them.“The time he will spend here depends on the guidance of the ancestors. But when he leaves, he will be a qualified sangoma. “He has already acquired healing powers based on his own culture. “But he still needs to gain more knowledge,” Philasande said.

Source:Daily Sun


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