Five arrested in DiepslootFive Arrested for mob justice-Image Source@X

In a tragic turn of events, seven individuals lost their lives over the weekend in Diepsloot, Gauteng, as a result of alleged mob justice attacks. The victims were accused of engaging in criminal activities within the community. Five people have been arrested for killing and burning the thugs in Diepsloot.

Identification of the Primary Suspect

The Gauteng police, responding swiftly to the brutal murders, initiated an investigation led by the provincial Serious and Violent Crimes Unit. Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi, the spokesperson for the Gauteng police, confirmed the apprehension of five suspects in connection with the incidents.

“The dedicated team of detectives, working tirelessly, identified the first suspect with the help of an eyewitness. Subsequently, this individual led the police to four additional suspects. All five, aged between 30 and 38, are scheduled to appear before the Randburg Magistrates Court on December 6, 2023,” stated Colonel Nevhuhulwi.

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Five arrested for killing thugs
Five arrested in Diepsloot-Image Source@X

Disturbing Scenes: Bodies Found in Diepsloot Streets

The disturbing incidents unfolded on Friday when the police received information about two lifeless bodies in the streets of Diepsloot extension 13. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered the charred remains of two men, both declared dead at the scene.

Shortly after, another grim report emerged, indicating multiple murders in Diepsloot extension 12. Police rushed to the location and discovered five more bodies, also burned beyond recognition. Preliminary investigations suggest that in both instances, the victims were brutally assaulted and set on fire by members of the community. The motive behind these killings is yet to be determined, pending further investigations,” explained Nevhuhulwi.

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Community Frustration and Allegations

Expressing frustration, Nevhuhulwi shared that community members voiced their discontent, claiming they were tired of the prevailing lawlessness. Accusations were levelled against the police, alleging inaction while residents faced threats from criminals. In June, the community took to the streets, demanding President Cyril Ramaphosa’s intervention to address their concerns.

The community members expressed their weariness of living under the constant threat of criminals who engage in heinous acts such as rape, murder, robbery, and drug peddling, adversely affecting their lives and the well-being of their children.

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