Model Nomsa Maqethuka’s Pictures Leaves Social Media Speechless

Model Nomsa Maqethuka’s Pictures Leaves Social Media Speechless

Model, Marketing graduate, and Personal trainer Nomsa Maqethuka’s pictures have left her followers on social media speechless.

Always dressed in tight leggings or tight jeans, Nomsa Maqethuka has had to privatize her Instagram account as people (mostly men) have been asking for her address. On the other hand, her clients from her fitness classes (women) are usually interested in her beauty advice and diet.

Model Nomsa Maqethuka's Pictures Leaves Social Media Speechless


Nomsa herself is aware that her pictures always go viral and has said she won’t hide her revealing leggings because she’s proud of her body. Her followers who are more interested in her print are now stalking her since she posted pictures of herself in tight fit leggings

Knowing that she is a woman of class, in one of her captions, Namsa said she’s always looking good and the whole tweet has driven social media crazy.

She doesn’t try to imitate anyone that is why looking pretty is an easy job for the 32-year-old Mom. On her YouTube channel, she discusses the impact social media has had on her life and how she doesn’t like fussing on her looks.

The majority of men are trying to hit her in her DM but Nomsa doesn’t entertain them, in one of her post she says she doesn’t respond to inboxes and people should stop bothering her because she’s apparently in a relationship with her baby’s father, and she’s happy where she is.

Nomsa Maqethuka got the attention of Mzansi two years ago as a Lasizwe (the YouTuber and Reality Star) lookalike because the two look like siblings

Model Nomsa Maqethuka's pictures leaves social media speechless
On her Instagram page, Nomsa currently has more than 130k followers although she is following only five people.

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