A Zimbabwean migrant who was being smuggled from ZImbabwe into South Africa in a suitcase could not endure the pain of the journey—and after 45 minutes at the BeitBridge Border post, passengers heard moans coming from the bag.

“The tall man in hes early 20’s had squeezed himself into the case and was wheeled onto a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, disguised as his friend’s luggage. But the discomfort took its toll after 45 minutes, causing him to wail,” iMzansi reports. “Shocked passengers alerted authorities after hearing strange noises coming from the unattended bag. Guards removed the case from the vehicle at Beitbridge and were stunned when a human hand emerged.”

migrant 2


“It’s deeply worrying the length and breath migrants go to so that they can make it to their final desire destinations—but considering the current state of Zimbabwe, some of these people come from without any prospects of a better life for them, these risks are somewhat all they got”

Source : iMzansi


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