Mozambique Insurgency Poses Risk To SADC Region

Mozambique Insurgency Poses Risk To SADC Region

Mozambique Insurgency Poses Risk To SADC Region

Last weekend’s brutal attack on some villagers which saw the decapitation of 50 people by the Islamist rebel group linked to international terrorist body ISIS, has raised some grave concerns.

Jasmine Opperman, an analyst at the Armed Conflict Location and Data Event Project has since said the situation in Mozambique is now a serious crisis that might have stiff repercussions in the SADC region if not imminently addressed.

“We are sitting with a serious crisis. We are most likely going to see a long term insurgency, there is an imminent intervention needed if nothing is done it’s going to spiral affecting the whole region.

Moreover, they have been issues that have been brewing since 2007 this insurgency would have exploded anyway what we are seeing is that the extremist voice has just gained momentum.

However, for as long as Maputo is saying they are able to contain it then no intervention can be done government has to admit that they are failing to contain it if it had done so the insurgency could gave been contained three years ago. It’s more or less the same with the issue of Boko Haram in Nigeria where they constantly said they had things under control until things spiraled that’s when they started calling for help which was already too late.

Moreover, the Islamist rebels are most likely to move further south as they will be seeking to recruit more people and look for more resources, we have already witnessed three attacks in Tanzania,” said Opperman.

Many across the region have been calling on SADC and the AU to take a stance towards the insurgencies but to date, they remain mum particularly due to diplomatic relations.

It’s now yet to be seen whether, President, Filipe Nyusi, will admit that Mozambique is in need of help or he will continue sinking his heels in the sand.


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